Sarah L.

Before joining Flex Affect I was going through the process of having weight loss surgery. I was sure that there was no way I could lose the weight I needed to on my own. Cam and Kasie encouraged me to just come try a class at Flex Affect and I was hooked after just one. I never thought I would be capable of doing half the things I have done or that I would see the results that I have. Not only have I lost almost 15 pounds but also over 13 inches! I am amazed at how much my body has changed.

Before I joined I hated working out or really any physical activity because it was so difficult for me. I didn't feel comfortable going to the gym because I felt like people would judge me for my size or lack of knowledge about equipment and exercises. That is one of the things I like most about Flex Affect. I have never once felt judged for knowing less than others or not being able to do as much. Everyone has been so helpful in encouraging me to reach my goals and push myself to be a better person. Now I can't imagine my life without going to Flex Affect. Not only do I enjoy working out but I am willing to wake up before the sun rises to do it. I love how much better I feel every day and how much more I am capable of doing.

Amy P.

I am not posting this for compliments, actually compliments make me uncomfortable. When I decided 7 years ago that I wasn’t happy at 306 pounds, my goal was not to get to the point that I can post pictures like this, it was be be healthy and live a healthy and active lifestyle. I wanted to be a good role model for my boys. Y’all know I’ve said before that God is the one who directed this situation, he made it happen, he has given me the strength to go on when there were times I wanted to quit. A year ago I found a gym #flexaffect that I believe with all my heart, I was sent there for a reason. After 6 years of working out and doing the same ol’ same ol’, I wanted more of a challenge. That’s exactly what I found! I’ve been challenged since day 1. I will never forget the warm welcome I received on that day. We did box jumps and assisted band pull ups that day. I was scared to death! This was all new to me. I fell in love, went back a few days later, signed up and I’ve been going strong ever since. I’ve had people question me on my gym membership and what it cost. I tell them it’s worth every single penny I pay! A picture is worth a thousand words. You get what you pay for and what you work for! Nothing comes easy! 6 weeks ago we had the chance to sign up for a #aaachallenge, which targeted your arms, ass and abs. I did it. I thought this would be a good distraction for me, since it was the same week Cole left for basic training. Alex and Ben are gone too. I was feeling emotional. The challenge was not only physical working out, it was mental. We logged everything we put in our mouths, we had to read about or look at nutrition information, we had to try new foods and share recipes. We had sit ups and squats to complete everyday. I have enjoyed every single day of this journey. I’m super proud of all my teammates. We offered each other support and encouragement. I love my Flex Affect family and if I can ever do anything for any of them, I’m here.

Olivia P.

This is a super hard and uncomfortable post y’all BUT I am proud of the hard work I have put in (please be kind 😉) - It is hard to put this out there for the world to see....especially on social media where everything is supposedly “picture perfect” 💪🏻 I am a real person, with struggles, flaws and I don’t have a size zero body. I have been heavier my entire life and I made the decision a while back to no longer pay attention to the number on the scale but to work on becoming stronger and healthier! This is just the beginning friends 💥💥💥 I am so floored over what I accomplished in six weeks 👇🏻 I cant wait to see what six months brings 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Shoutout to Flex Affect for helping me stick to tracking my foods, kicking that Diet Coke habit and building my confidence in myself daily 🙌🏻 I am forever thankful and excited for the future!!!

Danielle S.

This is by far one of the hardest things to post. I know I have been talking about the #AAAChallenge that Flex Affect has been doing and these pictures show the results of that challenge! This challenge has taught me how to create a healthy lifestyle and that if you put in the work you will see the results (down 7 pounds and about 7.5 inches) ! I still have a long way to go but I am getting there ! There have been road blocks in this journey but with the help of my flex family I have overcome them ! I cannot thank this Gym family, Cameron White and Kasie Braswell White enough! This is just the beginning of my fitness journey and I will continue to utilize the good habits I started with this challenge 💪🏽

Shannon B.

As I approach my 3 month gym anniversary and the end of the AAA Challenge, I am so thankful for all the people I have met and the encouragement I have received. The motivation and accountability was exactly what I needed. I joined because my blood work said I needed to work on some things, so I committed to three months of giving it my full attention. My hope is that the habits I have established during this challenge will continue and develop into even more healthy habits. The flex fam is just that - a huge family that encourages you and motivates you to do YOUR best - it’s not a competition. It’s about becoming the best and healthiest YOU! Thanks goes out to you all but especially Cameron White and Kasie Braswell White for putting the time and effort into this challenge & gym. The strength I have gained since joining feels so good and losing inches and pounds ain’t bad either 😉 (23” gone since joining the gym - 10" of these during the challenge - 8 lbs down) 🙌🏼🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼💪🏼#aaachallenge #flexaffect

Jay V.

I want to give a shoutout to Flex Affect and owners Cameron White and Kasie Braswell White for the great job that they do and have done on a daily basis of making and keeping me fit and healthy. My body has changed completely through my time with Flex Affect over the past two years. Cameron does an awesome job of meeting my individual needs on my fitness journey while challenging and motivating me to reach new goals. He not only coaches workouts, he has also offered great nutritional advice and support as well. For the individual attention and motivation there is no greater value in a gym or personal training than with Flex Affect. I know when I go to a class or personal training session, Cam and the other trainers have put 110% in a workout that will make me stronger and healthier.

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